all american girl {orange county photographer}

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This beautiful girl does it all and is going off to PITT this year for college!

I asked her just how do you do it? Varsity cheer, soccer AND  softball ( and a scholarship for softball!)

Gone are those days when you used to be able to do that. Remember all americans in high school? Those kids who played all the sports?

I was so happy to have met her and so proud of her and her accomplishments!

Not only is she amazing at sports but truly a beauty!  Her personality matches her looks too!

So here is to you !!! May all your dreams come true and may college life bring you all you hoped for!



never too old {orange county photographer}

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I say if they are your kids then they are forever your babies! They are never to old to have a photo session done of just them right? These 2 are graduating college.

Both of them!

I am sure mom and dad are beyond proud!

So… here is to your kids newborn to however old they are… lets never stop celebrating who they are!



seal beach natives {orange county photographer}

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These 3 boys were hilarious…and fun to work with. I am sure knowing boys this age it was the last thing they wanted to do was get senior images done. BUT they really were good sports. I know someday they will look back and be so happy they did this.

I also thought how fun it was to get your best friends together and do it all in one day. This was great getting their real smiles as I could only imagine what they were doing behind me to each other to get the one in front of the camera to laugh.

So here is to long lasting friendships and college!




10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes…. {orange county photographer}

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At 8 weeks old … sometimes its really hard to get them to sleep. I always say that will never be done or leave unless I can get them to sleep at least for a few shots!

Never easy but always rewarding. I know mom and dad wanted to get these shots and I was not going to give up!

So here is to baby whispering!

A sister for Quinn… {orange county newborn photographer}

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I could not get enough of how Quinn was loving on here new baby.

As always I am hoping for the big sibling to want to touch, hold and love on their new baby.

Not always is the case… I thought for sure knowing Quinn she was not going to have it….as you know SHE is the only princess in the house!

Well she proved us all wrong. I think she going to share the title with Kinley. WHEW!

How fun… I always wish I had grown up with a sister. I know that Quinn and Kinley’s mom has an awesome one :)








blessed grandma {orange county photographer}

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I sure miss this wonderful friend of mine living across the street from me. Years ago she moved closer to her daughter, since then not a day goes by where I don’t think of her and all the chats we had about gardening.

We have been to visit but as you know life gets busy. I send cards every year but, seeing her made me miss her evermore. How blessed are these grandkids having such a wonderful lady to look up to.

Her stories of her life growing up during WWII just captivate you.

I am so happy that I got to document you all together this year. Busy lives and some living far away… this was so great to get to do for you all.

So here is to Maria:)


another great year….{orange county photographer}

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beautiful friend {orange county family photographer}

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Nothing better than photographing your friends. Especially when they are amazing photographers.

I know how much this means to them as we do this daily for others and just like the manicurist with bad nails we are often the last ones to get photo sessions of our own families done.

Especially this time of year we are CRAZY trying to get our clients images online so they can get their cards and order in for the holidays.

So I had to spot on this one and blog about her… how thankful I am to have people like Megan in my life.

Here is to a beautiful friend and a beautiful friendship!


LIL COUNTRY {orange county photographer}

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So here we are with one of my fav peeps the Brandenburgers. Mom says we want to wear our boots for this shoot and show a lil country this time. So I think I nailed the spot for them for this!

This first photo just says to me …. I love you all, this is what we live and die for is this… Family. Nothing compares to family. Thinking about that song right now “dont blink” by Kenny Chesney just bring tears to my eyes.

Ella… you have grown to be a beautiful teenager. You have the best heart and you work so hard everyday in all you do.

Claire…. Claire  Oh Claire… You are the funniest coolest girl I know. I have loved watching you grow. I just love your spunk… dont ever loose that.

MR WILL!!!  How you can be so cool with 2 older sisters, and still have your own totally cool guy personality. I think you rock. I love when I see you at school and you hug me and say “hello Mrs Kim!”

Mom and dad… coolest parents I know. If the kids need reminding just have them call me sometime!



sandy toes {orange county photographer}

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I cant tell you how many time I do a shoot for the first time for a client and  they feel like the session was a disaster. Especially ones with real little ones. They always say “oh they are always so happy” “this is not like them today”.

I always reassure them that “I GOT IT” . Even this lil one just getting over a little cold, we nailed it! How could you be crabby at the beach right? This family is cousins with my good clients ( friends) The Mutucs.

Thank you everyone that sends me new clients!!!!! I  appreciate that so much :) I hope you enjoy your session as much as I did meeting you all!