another year with such a great family {orange county family photographer}

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Maggie and I were just taking as I was editing these shots yesterday… That I really think all of my clients look so good in their photos.

I dont manipulate (at all unless you ask for it) to make everyone look great… I think I just have amazing clients.

This family has NEVER taken a bad shot… I think that they should work for commercials.

The kids laugh with me every time… I just love them!!!!!


so blessed with a new little one {orange county newborn photographer}

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What beautiful light they had in their amazing home!

I am so happy for this new family… what a sweet tiny little one.

I am so thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to get to know them and document this most special time of their lives!

family of girls {orange county family photographer}

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Our paths finally crossed and was able to see this family for a photo session.

It truly has been amazing down at the beach lately.

I am so blessed not only to get to meet new families ( that have lots of connections to my friends- small world we live in)

But I get to go to work ( if you call it work-I don’t:)) in some of the most beautiful places around.

I think wow people travel here and pay a lot of $$$ to do so… what a short drive to paradise!


beautiful once again {orange county family photographer}

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Here we are once again with one of my favorite families. So photogenic they are.

This was on monday the week of the giant waves…. watching them  crash on the beach was so amazing.

We are lucky we live here.


never too late {orange county family photographer}

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So happy to have gotten the oportunity to finally photograph this beautiful family!

Dad had bought a gift card YEARS ago and you know how it is… life gets busy…

Well here we are long time coming. This happens to be their 1st ever real family photo shoot for the sake of just doing it.

I can’t tell you how many people I run into who say the same thing…. “we need to get family photos taken!”

well its never too late I say and they will always be your babies!



A little bit of Balboa {orange county family photographer}

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What a fun place to walk around. Bringing back memories of living there in my 20′s with 3 girls in a tiny back house.

I always joke that I can parallel park anything from living there.

I love these boys and like I say, I am so blessed to have clients for life. Getting to know these kids for years and watching them grow

is so rewarding to me. Thankful daily for them and my wonderful job.

It felt so all American there this day. Shortly after 4th of July all the flags still up just gave it that summer feel even more.


beautiful skies {orange county family photographer}

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What a night! Trying to keep dry from the high tides. We had to get the shoot done as this family was here on vacation and

we have had high tides all that week. Besides that the sky was amazing and this family has been wanting a beach shoot and

what better spot than this one?

Beautiful kids that totally love the beach… kids just want to draw in the sand…. This is why I don’t rush things and I give time for play. Here is to being a kid!


one of each {orange county newborn/family photographer}

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This big brother was so happy to see me… we became buddies right away.

I always say that kids are like dogs they know when you like them and know if you are real or not.

Not forcing toddlers to sit still and do this or do that. Knowing when they have had enough so that they will cooperate is definitely

a gift for sure. I always give way enough time for playing as there is no way they are going to sit still the whole time… besides who wants that?

So here we go… got exactly what mom wanted out of this day.

I know i left and got the same old thoughts ” well that was a disater”  They did not listen at all etc.

I am so happy for them… having one of each and this sweet chubb a bub having a big brother to always protect her!








sweetest gift {los angeles family and newborn photographer}

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I honestly could not wait to get into editing these photos… What a great shoot, so full of love this family I tell ya!

I couldn’t wait to meet this little one. From the day I first met them at their beach shoot last year.

I told them don’t forget about me when this new one comes along! Well here she is, and all but a week old too!

How blessed is she to have a big sister who just adores her. Talk about the best helper too!

Oh I am just so thrilled to have met you all and so thankful to be able to document these most important times!


servants { orange county family photographer}

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I love this family.

I look forward to when they come to the USA to visit, as I get to photograph them.

I have said this many time before that I know that God has gifted me with this great career

and if it was not for Him I would certainly not be where I am today.

I have had way to many things happen in this biz that CLEARLY was all from the Lord.

They are missionaries in a small town outside London, and have been for all the years I have known them.

They are originally from here and are connected to Calvary  Costa Mesa.

I know that they look forward to coming here on “holiday” to eat the “gorgeous” food here, and enjoy the “lovely” weather.

Some day I would love to visit them… but for now I am just blessed to get to serve them a bit while they are here!