Measures to Variable Thinking

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Academic Essay Writing Words

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perfectly perfect {orange county newborn photographer}

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I always get excited to photograph these sweet new little people.

I love that these families find it important to document this special time that is gone in the matter of weeks.

You don’t ever get this time back that they are this tiny.

I love to see them again at the 6mo or 1 year sessions and how much they change.

Can mommy be anymore beautiful? You know this little one will be just adorable with parents this gorgeous!

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anticipating Emma {orange county photographer}

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If there ever was a little one more anticipated, its this little one on her way.

Soon to arrive little Emma to be welcomed into this world in February.

I cant wait to get to photograph her arrival as well as just a week or so after. I got very spoiled at this location…

Glammy (is what I will call the grandma because she is so fabulous!)

happens to know the owners of this sought after venue. It happens to have a live white tiger onsite…

Yes I did think hmmmm can you imagine mommy holding that tiger for just one shot! Oh one can dream.

Anyhow… what a great day we had. I shot wayyyyy to much but, with the location and the beautiful mommy and daddy to be I could not help myself.

So here is to “have we met before” and to a beautiful delivery of lil miss Emma!



meet miss Lucy {orange county photographer}

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Meet sweet lil Lucy Luna.

All lil 7 lbs of her.

She was  such a sleepy one. I love them when they give me a lil whimper when I move them ever so slightly… like ” don’t bother me”

What a trooper she was… such a good baby. We really had a great time, auntie, myself and mommy the other morning photographing this lil peanut.

Oh to have this time back again!!!






amazing sky {orange county photographer}

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I know getting 3 little ones together to do a photo session is not easy.

But everything was totally in our favor this night. The tide was so low ( the best time to be down there for sure)

as well as the sky was over the top!!! I just LOVE this family So much! These girls are SOOOO in love with their daddy. Jax is just crazy for his momma.

These kids for being this little, are some of the  BEST behaved kids I know. So fun to get to photograph them every year!

Love you Bruce family!


My favorite boys {orange county photographer}

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I have so many wonderful clients, some who have become like family to me. These boys are just that. I am so fond of these 2.

As well I think they are the only 2 boys who actually look forward to having me take their photos.

for boy you have to know thats rare! I have watched them grow to be such great boys.

We have so much fun at our photo sessions every year its so fun to find a cool spot  or an idea for them.

Skate boards in Balboa was a hit for sure! Here is to watching you both grow to be wonderful men! I love you!


baby sissy on her way {orange county photographer}

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OHHH this light was just AMAZING!!!

I was So So happy to get to do this special time for my friend Megan.

She not only is one of the most beautiful persons I know both on the outside and the inside.

This sweet baby is about to be so loved by this family. They have waited so long for baby #2.

Big sissy just is so cute and funny! She obviously loves the camera {mom is also a photographer}

I just cant wait to meet you little one!


vega kids once again {orange county photographer}

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Really makes my job So easy when you have such photogenic kids!

WOW is all I can say… SO beautiful!!!

Mom needed some updating and I was so happy to be the one to do a shoot for them again.

Older sister is home for a bit until she goes off to med school. I know that the 2 younger ones are so happy to have her home.

What fun they must have all together! Enjoy mom!!!



bunches of fun {orange and la county family photographer}

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Oh what fun we had cracking up the other day!

I just love these ages…. reminds me that I once was that mom wanting my kids to just sit and smile.

WELL we all know that just does not always happen. That is why I LOVED this shoot so much.

We just had fun. Period.

So here is to fun running around photo sessions in your amazing back yard!

{who needs a park when you live here!}