orange circle and the circle of life {orange county family photographer}

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This family is very dear to me. I have known the mom even before she met the love of her life, photographing her and her brother.

Then I photographed their wedding , both boys as newborns , and every year since.

This is where they met, Chapman University. Naturally as they do live in Orange, this would be the most fitting place to photograph them.

This means something to them and THAT is what I LOVE!!!!!

We had fun walking around as I stood in the street at times “getting the shot” as well as getting popsicles.

I laughed as Mom had her brother come with his little one (to do a few shots for grandma) As someone said…

“oh I did not know she herded cats too”  hahaha! Sorta like that with 3 little ones you want to get looking at you for the shot.

I thought that was funny and I will have to use that phrase again!

I hope that I documented just enough of the beautiful Orange circle that you are so fond of!

they really do love each other {orange county family photographer}

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Its that time of year when we get them together for a session to do some awesome Christmas cards.

This time just the kids to their beach for a quick shoot.

I love getting to photograph them because mom says this is the only time they LOOK like they like each other.

But I know deep down they do. Thats how it is when you have tweens and teens.

Who really liked their siblings then? You know they are annoying. That is what I hear all day long.

“MOM he is annoying me” Or vise versa.

I think they look so sweet here!!!

meet the Cramer’s { orange county family photographer}

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Loving this area lately! Especially with these antique boats the lifeguards have hanging out.

Was so happy to see this family again… sometimes when kids get older I don’t see them EVERY year.

They added a cute puppy to the family, so it was a fun addition to the shoot for sure!

I loved the end of the shoot when they wanted to play basket ball with dad as this is something they do all the time.

I love to do shoots when it is something that is who they are, it just completes the whole session.


lauren and dean – love these kids! {orange county family photographer}

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So yes I have been posting a lot of families here at this spot but how can you not choose this location?

I am on my way there again here in  a bit with a family I have photographed here just a few years ago.

I dont think you could ever do this whole place in one session. So much to do.

Lauren and Dean, its so wonderful to see you both grow into such sweet good kids.

I have known you both since you were brand new babies only a few weeks old. Now look at you? Getting SO BIG!!!

I treasure seeing you every time. We always have a fun time and you make me laugh as much I make you laugh.

I know when you are teenagers we will really get some good laughs in!

Love you all dearly!!!


lauren 1 year later {orange county photographer}

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I love how all children are filled with wonder… even if its the 1st time they held a certain flower.

I always think ” what goes thru their minds when they are discovering new things?”

I love this stage. 2 so adorable.

Lauren has this crinkly smile when she laughs or smiles with all he might. I love it!


hip-est real estate group {orange county real estate photographer}

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I do these photo sessions often. I just never blog about them. Not that I dont think they are worthy but lets face it….

head shots for real estate is not that interesting.

UNTIL I met this group.

WOW. Now this was fun. Not only are they ALL good looking but fun to be around. I bet they have so much fun as a group at work too.

The owner wanted a cool modern mad men look. I think I nailed that for them.

He lives in a really cool high rise modern apartment, So we used the surrounding grounds to give it a city feel.

So this is what I call all my in-between families and baby sessions that I do…. Food, products, marketing, media, movies,

architecture and interior for homes, on and on.

I love every part of it.  I have been able to do some of the coolest things just by the “who you know” thing.

So thankful for every aspect of it! So if you are in the real estate biz and you are looking for a “new look” then contact me!

2 stars of the show {los angeles newborn photographer}

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With 2 girls in the house you have to have 2 stars of the show. I really had a great time this shoot and getting to know big sister!

What a sweet little one she was. Oh their lighting in their home was {amazing}..

Love getting these newborn sessions in between the big kids.

It was so great meeting all of you and I hope to see you when we can run around the beach!


nautical boys {orange county photographer}

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art district {orange county photographer}

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I love this place as it changes all the time.

What a great spot for teenagers for sure! Or just a cool family who loves this sort of cool-ness :)

I am so glad that mom said yes to bringing sister along for big brothers senior shoot.

I love to see brothers and sisters together, especially at this age.

I had a great time getting to know you all!!! ENJOY!!!


downtown with the chavez family {orange county family photographer}

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I love this place and I love getting to meet new families  who come to me thru forever clients who tell their friends about me.

Word of mouth is the best! I just loved these twin boys… so sweet so much energy. We laughed a lot!

How blessed to have to big sisters to hang out with and how fun for them to watch them grow up.

Totally photogenic all of them.  Loved all their outfits!