another great year….{orange county photographer}

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sandy toes {orange county photographer}

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I cant tell you how many time I do a shoot for the first time for a client and  they feel like the session was a disaster. Especially ones with real little ones. They always say “oh they are always so happy” “this is not like them today”.

I always reassure them that “I GOT IT” . Even this lil one just getting over a little cold, we nailed it! How could you be crabby at the beach right? This family is cousins with my good clients ( friends) The Mutucs.

Thank you everyone that sends me new clients!!!!! I  appreciate that so much :) I hope you enjoy your session as much as I did meeting you all!


Buell family {orange county family photographer}

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It has been a long time coming for this beautiful family to have a photo session with me.

I have known them forever and it was such a pleasure to get to spend a little time with them. What sweet kids they are.

I hope that you all had fun down there on such a beautiful night we had! They actually had these beautiful paper lanterns to light and put in the sky…

but they were not cooperating for us that night. {still need to pop over to seal and try again!}



quiet beach day {orange county family photographer}

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What a pleasure it was to finally photograph this family! With all our busy schedules its hard to nail a time…. however I believe that once a year is so important to document your family. This is something no one ever regrets. EVER.

I loved the soft light in these shots. It was a great night down there no one around, makes it even better. Thank you for allowing me to give you great memories.




A taste of summer {orange county family photographer}

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Despite the SUPER high tide that was not supposed to be till later that night we really had a great shoot. We really don’t realize how blessed we are to live where we do. This has got to be one of the most beautiful spots in OC.

I truly like this family and now I see why a lot of mutual friends hang out with them on a regular basis. Super good boys and fun family for sure! I am So happy it turned out to be a lets just play and have fun kinda shoot as those are my all time favorite ones. How can you not be super light hearted and fun with 3 boys and a husband not to mention 2 big male lab dogs ( that shoot at their home to soon be posted)

So here is to the start of summer… good time and new friends!



family at crystal cove {huntington beach family photographer}

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Capturing the essence of family love is my thing. Not always cheesing at the camera are always my favorite shots. Not saying that composing that great portrait all posed just right is not beautiful but really I just like them to be doing their thing and step back.

I was so happy to get to finally photograph Lisa’s family this time as we have photographed her sister with their mom at the same spot which is very special to them. This time we included dads mom/dad and brother.

I truly love this beach even if I have to go thru red tape with paperwork with 2 companies to get a LEGAL permit to shoot there… its SO worth it I tell you! Low tide is the best.

I know as kids grow older the photo shoots become less and less. I start to see them infrequently as it used to be every year now as they become teenagers its every 2 years. Still finding it important to get them together. I know that when we are all old and hopefully still in touch

they will say “melinda I am so happy they we did this thru the years… as I look back now, they are off to college, I am so thankful to have these memories on my walls!”

So here is to booking the appointment even IF your husband does not really want to be there ( but who’s does right?)



Did I mention the crazy fun uncle? How fun to have him there…

I know they will be happy I made them take a walk together these shots were so sweet!

It was SO dark by this shot…. gotta love the 3400 iso at sun down :) shoot it open and fast.

beautiful night – orange county photographer

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First family session of the year, officially 2013. I have been busy that week after Christams as families are in town so that makes it a perfect time to book an extensive family shoot. A bit tardy with the images going up on this one… but I think its worth the wait. 

I was amazed with the brothers eyes…I am sure that he hears that all the time. But what a great color they are. they almost glow. How fun for sister to have a big brother who can give piggy back rides and you are able to really play hard with him

knowing he wont just haul off and give you a big whack like my kids do!

I dont think that kids realize when they are so close in age that you can really hurt someone. It was so sweet to see how big brother was with her.  It shows how protective he is with her,too cute!

Despite the cold it really was a beautiful night… you could see Catalina so clear.

Hope you enjoy the images!

beach time again – orange county photographer

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This shoot has been a long time coming… I know how important it is to get your mom and siblings together for a photo shoot as life goes way too fast.

The sun was amazing even though it has been cold… we as Californian’s think this is cold, however take a visit to the local beaches to see the people from out of town in shorts enjoying the 60 degree weather.

Then we may think how blessed we are to live here. I have been photographing these kids forever… I mean like 10 years or so. Its funny to see them once love it to now it becoming a chore.

Only the boys it seems… the girls however seem to love it more and more as they grow older.

Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to get you all together. Jason… well… sorry you got caught at work (wink wink) I really missed you.

family love- orange county photographer

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I am trying for the next 4 weeks just to keep my head above water. I have 14 clients before this shoot that I did not blog yet. {and an amazing wedding!} I was thinking of just doing a favs of 2012 in a few weeks. This time of year we are just trying to get everything edited so that we can get the Christmas-Holiday cards done so our clients can get them out.

On top of shoots editing cards and orders I don’t sleep much. I love this time of year anyhow….SO here, I had to blog one of my DEAREST friends.

We have been friends about 20 years now. I love this family. We love to hang with them, and I wish they were closer. Surf with them, have yummy BBQ’s. So here is to a happy family…. These boys are the sweetest you could ever know and my Emily is crazy about them.

They have some pretty amazing parents too. Love you all so much!


nicely blended -orange county photographer

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How much fun can you have with 5 teenagers? And often? Well this is what happens when you get 2 families that blend together so well.

I think that it is SO awesome that mom and dad are together and have this great bond with their kids…. all 5 of them.

I can only imagine the quirky conversations that go on among them. FUN. I love to meet new moms from my community too. I love to get to meet new kids I never met who go to my kids school.

Good for a heckle or 2 when I see them on campus.:)  So here is to love, friendship, bonding and blending.