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another great year….{orange county photographer}

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beautiful friend {orange county family photographer}

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Nothing better than photographing your friends. Especially when they are amazing photographers.

I know how much this means to them as we do this daily for others and just like the manicurist with bad nails we are often the last ones to get photo sessions of our own families done.

Especially this time of year we are CRAZY trying to get our clients images online so they can get their cards and order in for the holidays.

So I had to spot on this one and blog about her… how thankful I am to have people like Megan in my life.

Here is to a beautiful friend and a beautiful friendship!


siblings. with one going off to college {orange county family photographer}

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I love photographing  high school seniors. I love how they are still kids but yet going off on their own into the big world.

What could be better for them… learning how much their parents did for them when they have to do it on their own.

NOT that I want to hurry that time to come to me BUT…

I really am waiting for that day. Another beautiful brunette I got to photograph. Just as beautiful as her sweet sister and her handsome brother.

So here is to your future, may it be all that you thought it would be and more!


so loved {orange county photographer}

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I dont know who I think I am… summer rolls around and I think I am a kid…. no responsibilities to my blog, that I have ignored for almost a month!

Yikes!!! I am so behind posting photos its crazy… I guess everything need a break right?

Well I could NOT pass up blogging this lil cutie!!! What a happy baby… so loved… so cute, too sweet a family!!

I knew I would like her mom as she is the sister of another client I really like,

and just like mom said she felt like she had known me forever… That is just how I felt too!

I love my job for sure!

a year goes too fast… {orange county child photographer}

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A year later and she is walking…. amazing the growth of a baby in just a year.

She is so beautiful… I could not get over how beautiful her skin looked in these as well as how the light was this day.

Her eyes as so blue and they just sparkled. Just a quick shoot with just her. Sweet Emma, all about her.

She is so loved… she is blessed with 2 awesome cousins and a great family!

Hope your birthday is too much fun!!!



a lil warren {orange county children’s photographer}

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Nothing pulls my heart strings as much as a mommy with her baby. Nothing in this world compares to the love that one has for their child.

You can just see it on this moms face. The whole shoot was a look of adoration for this lil one. OHHH what a chunker this one is!!! I love love love chunky babies!!!

It was a great shoot and a beautiful day. Tender moments captured forever. I know when I look back at this time when my kids were this age I just wish I could go back for a bit to squeeze them up.

So squeeze them up as much as you can!!!! Once they grow its harder to get them in your lap for cuddle times.

happiest baby on the planet {orange county photographer}

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I swear I would have had 10 kids had 2 things happened… one is I would have started earlier  and the other if we could have skipped the middle of the night wake up feedings and just have them born this age.

NOT that I did not totally love newborn stage.. I just remember how EXHAUSTING it was is all.

I am crazy in love with this lil one…. She is Maggie who works for me lil girl Charlotte. Maggie has 2 boys and then we all were hoping for the 3 a girl and well… well… she is SO girl.

I think she has more clothes and head accessories than anybody I know. Oh and how cute she looks in everything. I am just in love.

So here is to chubby butts, huge grins, and girls!


brotherly love {orange county photographer}

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There is something so sweet about 2 brothers. They will always have a forever friend. No matter how mean kids at school can be… you always have that one guy you can count on who will love you no matter what. That is just why I think there are brothers.

I was too honored that this family drove ALL the way from Lancaster to see me! I said “oh are you visiting family while you are here?” she says NO…

That made my day!

 Thank you so much for thinking of Me to do this documenting for you… Such an honor!


I love to see boys loving their moms… and boys just LOVE their mommies so much!


a lil fun in Santa Monica {orange county and los angeles photographer}

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what do you get when you take a 2 year old boy to the park? A work out. Yes lots of running around and chasing. They certainly are not going to stand there and smile for you. NOPE.

These sessions are all about peek a boo… I am gonna get you’s, and this lil one likes the fake sneezes. Too cute :)  This lil guy LOVES his basket ball and is truly ALL boy 100%

We did good considering the park was so crowded with people being it was the 1st day of great weather weekend of the year.

I really hope in my later years this is something I can still do. I suppose keeping fit and strong is the only option!

Here is to this lil boy… funny, sporty, busy and happy!


where does the time go? -orange county photographer

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Its only been a year…. how they change. I think they change more in the first year of life more than any other time.

The C family are about to welcome another BOY here in a few months. I am all for having kids close together. Hard at the start, but in the long run they are good friends.. despite the sibling rivalry.

Whew!!!! thats everyday in my house :-/

I cant wait to meet baby brother and photograph all 3 together!!!   OHHHH too cute.

These 2 have sweet personalities, and seem to know they are twins. There were lots of great shots

and I am so happy for mom and dad who were saying that they dont care for the camera and run from it when it is out.

This is usual but its also different when its MOM or DAD taking the photos as to going to a special place and playing around with me!

So here is to hiring a PROFESSIONAL someone who has been doing this thing for MANY years and knows what to do…

so mom and dad can relax and know its just going to “happen”

Thank you to the C family!!! xoxoxo

OH I just love this one… Just a random shot of mommy just admiring her boys…

These are always my favorite how they interact with each other.. I love how he is touching his brother so sweetly.