My favorite boys {orange county photographer}

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I have so many wonderful clients, some who have become like family to me. These boys are just that. I am so fond of these 2.

As well I think they are the only 2 boys who actually look forward to having me take their photos.

for boy you have to know thats rare! I have watched them grow to be such great boys.

We have so much fun at our photo sessions every year its so fun to find a cool spot  or an idea for them.

Skate boards in Balboa was a hit for sure! Here is to watching you both grow to be wonderful men! I love you!


vega kids once again {orange county photographer}

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Really makes my job So easy when you have such photogenic kids!

WOW is all I can say… SO beautiful!!!

Mom needed some updating and I was so happy to be the one to do a shoot for them again.

Older sister is home for a bit until she goes off to med school. I know that the 2 younger ones are so happy to have her home.

What fun they must have all together! Enjoy mom!!!



bunches of fun {orange and la county family photographer}

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Oh what fun we had cracking up the other day!

I just love these ages…. reminds me that I once was that mom wanting my kids to just sit and smile.

WELL we all know that just does not always happen. That is why I LOVED this shoot so much.

We just had fun. Period.

So here is to fun running around photo sessions in your amazing back yard!

{who needs a park when you live here!}


they really do love each other {orange county family photographer}

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Its that time of year when we get them together for a session to do some awesome Christmas cards.

This time just the kids to their beach for a quick shoot.

I love getting to photograph them because mom says this is the only time they LOOK like they like each other.

But I know deep down they do. Thats how it is when you have tweens and teens.

Who really liked their siblings then? You know they are annoying. That is what I hear all day long.

“MOM he is annoying me” Or vise versa.

I think they look so sweet here!!!

lauren and dean – love these kids! {orange county family photographer}

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So yes I have been posting a lot of families here at this spot but how can you not choose this location?

I am on my way there again here in  a bit with a family I have photographed here just a few years ago.

I dont think you could ever do this whole place in one session. So much to do.

Lauren and Dean, its so wonderful to see you both grow into such sweet good kids.

I have known you both since you were brand new babies only a few weeks old. Now look at you? Getting SO BIG!!!

I treasure seeing you every time. We always have a fun time and you make me laugh as much I make you laugh.

I know when you are teenagers we will really get some good laughs in!

Love you all dearly!!!


lauren 1 year later {orange county photographer}

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I love how all children are filled with wonder… even if its the 1st time they held a certain flower.

I always think ” what goes thru their minds when they are discovering new things?”

I love this stage. 2 so adorable.

Lauren has this crinkly smile when she laughs or smiles with all he might. I love it!


nautical boys {orange county photographer}

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art district {orange county photographer}

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I love this place as it changes all the time.

What a great spot for teenagers for sure! Or just a cool family who loves this sort of cool-ness :)

I am so glad that mom said yes to bringing sister along for big brothers senior shoot.

I love to see brothers and sisters together, especially at this age.

I had a great time getting to know you all!!! ENJOY!!!


tea time {orange county family photographer}

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How lucky to have a sister I always say….

I love going to clients homes when the kids are so little.I think they feel “at home” and more comfortable.

Here is big sister and little mini me of her having tea time…. TOO CUTE they are!

A little bit of Balboa {orange county family photographer}

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What a fun place to walk around. Bringing back memories of living there in my 20’s with 3 girls in a tiny back house.

I always joke that I can parallel park anything from living there.

I love these boys and like I say, I am so blessed to have clients for life. Getting to know these kids for years and watching them grow

is so rewarding to me. Thankful daily for them and my wonderful job.

It felt so all American there this day. Shortly after 4th of July all the flags still up just gave it that summer feel even more.