what a FUN gift for these beautiful dancers { orange county photographer}

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What a great gift for this age. Something to remeber their time of life at 13.

I was so excited when the moms wanted to do this for them as a gift. I knew I had the perfect location for them.

They brought lots of fun things to wear and looked perfect for the location. You know this is just what they want to do…

Especially in the times of the selfie…  well beat this with a selfie!

I can’t wait to email them to see this blog post as they have patiently waited.

Girls… I wish the best for you in your adventures in dancing may you both go off to do something wonderful.

You both are So talented and beyond beautiful inside and out!






another great year….{orange county photographer}

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family love- orange county photographer

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I am trying for the next 4 weeks just to keep my head above water. I have 14 clients before this shoot that I did not blog yet. {and an amazing wedding!} I was thinking of just doing a favs of 2012 in a few weeks. This time of year we are just trying to get everything edited so that we can get the Christmas-Holiday cards done so our clients can get them out.

On top of shoots editing cards and orders I don’t sleep much. I love this time of year anyhow….SO here, I had to blog one of my DEAREST friends.

We have been friends about 20 years now. I love this family. We love to hang with them, and I wish they were closer. Surf with them, have yummy BBQ’s. So here is to a happy family…. These boys are the sweetest you could ever know and my Emily is crazy about them.

They have some pretty amazing parents too. Love you all so much!


soap box – orange county photographer

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I loved this…. I got this in an email this morning from a canvas company. So this leads right into what has really been bugging me over the last few years; First of all the market is saturated with start up photographers. People who think they can come in buying a brand new $4,000 camera and start up a photography business. So now that it is saturated, what we have now are these photographers trying to cut into the market with cheap photo sessions and throwing the disk at you. I know, I know everyone LOVES the disk… Ok why? So you can throw it in a drawer? So now what you have is mediocre photographs that you just spent all this time preparing you and your family for (and we ALL know how that can be!!!! I just had my family shoot done UGGH!) and now you are thinking, ok now I can go to Costco or somewhere when I get some free time and get one of those gallery wraps done (ha! see the free time? yep we all have TONS of that right) WRONG!

 (come by my studio sometime and see my crackled gallery wrap done cheaply 5 years ago)

So here is what I know…. Here at Melinda Kim Photography we are FULL service. Not only are you getting 11 years of photography knowledge, but you are also getting TOP quality prints, amazing boutique items you can’t get anywhere else, AND the assurance you have hired a true professional and a full service studio (who is legal and pays taxes BTW) So a few things I see in the future, one is that I see it as a good thing  that the market is full of these photographers in the fact that they will burn out sooner or later, and those of us with business knowledge and years of experience will only get better because they are pushed to. I am happy that all these years I have stuck to what “I” do and what not the masses do. I know now that this has kept me busy and kept my clients happy. I know that I bring my clients  so much joy everyday when they see their amazing images on their walls. Oh and did I mention that I give you a disk too? Win win is what I say!

“Do you give the disk” {orange county family photographer}

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I have SO many book templates. Some I bought, some I make…

I truly wish I had more time to have an online store to sell some like the other photogs do.

I have my favorite shops to buy digital templates.

This book is going to be too sweet!

I originally bought it for a family with toddlers or older kids but this totally works :)

I will have to get one for a studio sample to touch and feel. I have SO much here at the studio to look at. We highly recommend coming

into the studio to place your order so you can do just that.  This brings me to another subject….

Now what do you think this client would enjoy better this amazing album

OR a round silver thing that sits in her drawer at home? YES that disk that WE all want….

For what? to share on FB send to grandma?

Did you know that I give you that? I give every client that wants one {the archival disk} But you know…. most don’t ever ask.

You know why? Because when they come into my studio and see all I have to offer they could NEVER get at costco

or anywhere online, let alone size it right to get it to look amazing. So you can have your disk… Yep you can.

But I can guarantee that you will want it all when you come in for a visit!!!

tea party {emily turns 10}

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