Softball girls rule. {orange county photographer}

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This was not easy getting these girls to not smile. After all they are only 12 or under. My Emily has been plating since she was 5 now, that makes it 7 years. I remember looking at the 12U girls and thinking that is going to be forever till she gets that big… now here we are, and WOW can these girls play. Play hard I might add… Stunning sometimes to see their athletic ability. This team is stacked with the leagues most top talent this year which means that we have won all games but 2.

I just loved this photo… shows how beautiful they are yet SO tough. So here is to girl power. Here is to being tough. Yet here is to still being silly enough to let us all know your still lil girls.


teacher appreciation week {orange county photographer}

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So I know that some may think I go a bit over the top when it comes to my kids teachers but hey….

they have them about as long as I do in a day’s time.

SO really they deserve it! I really loved what I did for them last year as well as they did too :)

So here is how it went: I did tags to the 12 days of x-mas  song but did ” on the first day of teacher appreciation week my secret student gave to me….”

{unfortunately they all knew who it was } But oh well….

So  I made the gifts rhyme

Here is the list of where I got the items as well as how I made them:

The cookie jars are sprouts market

The clip boards just staples and I got the beautiful paper at paper source. I used spray adhesive.

The something really yummy day… you can do anything but last year I did chocolate dipped pretzels.

The next day easy… coffee shop gift card. What teacher does not like coffee?

Then the last day I made a small book that I bound with just a ring clip and had my kids write 5 things they loved about their teacher.

So there you are… something for all 5 days if you wish to bless your teachers.

movie night birthday party -orange county photographer

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The holidays are such a crzy busy time for me that a lot of what I do does not make the blog. I really wish I had time for all the fun things I think I am going to blog…

So here we are whew… some time to sit and do just that :)

Here is Emily’s 11th birthday party we had here in the back yard. It was a movie night birthday party theme and a sleep-over with her BFF’S.

We had Korean food for dinner ( Emily favorite ) and then of course all the junk you want at the concession stand that I made in the back yard.

You can get the banner and tag prints here:

The tickets that are in the glass jars are just 99cent store as well as the trays then I just covered them in scrapbook paper.

we got vinatge sodas at bev-mo and the pop corn containers at target. The cake is cute but I am no cake pro! I LOVE to do it but I need more practice.

I should have, as tall as it was places 4 dowels ( thick straws is what I use) instead of just 3. It leaned over a bit as I think I measured it at 11 inches tall at one point.

I just baked all the layers and put gel colorings in the batter. The sprinkles were a total mess!!!! AHHHH you should have seen my counters after.

You basically have to throw them at the cake. To keep them off the top I just put a piece of wax paper on top. The banner is just lil pieces of paper, bakers twine  BBQ skewers.

As for the movie, I used to show my clients images on a projector so we use that as well as the old fashioned screen on a stand.

They all had a good time and of course the sleepover was great for me as I don’t think I got to sleep till 2!

space shuttle endeavor’s last mission {orange county family photographer}

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Took my son out of school this day and was debating where to take my Mr. scientist to see this fly by us.

I knew higher ground was going to be the best… San Pedro? Palos Verdes?

Well we ended up at the top of the parking structure of the Long Beach aquarium.

Turns out this was a great place… however it was hazy as to not make for clear shots, as I wanted, but here they are.

I can say what a neat experience it was…

Hearts racing, the pride you felt being an American, and just the awe of the shuttle on top of a NASA plane.

It was crowded and we had waited up there since 9:30 am with our good parking spot to see this happen.

Finally at 12:30 it was coming at us in the distance… Flying slower as it passed us.

I am so thankful that we had such a great date, my Mr. 9 year old  scientist and I.

“Do you give the disk” {orange county family photographer}

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I have SO many book templates. Some I bought, some I make…

I truly wish I had more time to have an online store to sell some like the other photogs do.

I have my favorite shops to buy digital templates.

This book is going to be too sweet!

I originally bought it for a family with toddlers or older kids but this totally works :)

I will have to get one for a studio sample to touch and feel. I have SO much here at the studio to look at. We highly recommend coming

into the studio to place your order so you can do just that.  This brings me to another subject….

Now what do you think this client would enjoy better this amazing album

OR a round silver thing that sits in her drawer at home? YES that disk that WE all want….

For what? to share on FB send to grandma?

Did you know that I give you that? I give every client that wants one {the archival disk} But you know…. most don’t ever ask.

You know why? Because when they come into my studio and see all I have to offer they could NEVER get at costco

or anywhere online, let alone size it right to get it to look amazing. So you can have your disk… Yep you can.

But I can guarantee that you will want it all when you come in for a visit!!!

happy valentines day {orange county children’s photographer}

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Happy Valentines day!!!

I feel that it is SO much harder to photograph your own kids… Why is that?

It was just a random day I felt like doing a Valentines day theme thing for a card  (like I have time)

Not listening well that day, I was done. So just as I was putting my gear back,  this happened.

Yep. it figures. but I am glad I got it. I thought is was too sweet. You know this is how they act ALL the time right?

On another note… I thought these were cute.

So I went to to order the boxes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place.

They have everything crafty and so reasonable.  I made all the boxes and they are ready to fill.

I did pink and red for Emily and blue for Matthew. I think it looks great with the orange fish.

Besides dont they get too much sugar for v-day anyhow? Not the these are better for you.. but you get my point!

personal stuff {my beautiful emily}

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