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10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes…. {orange county photographer}

March 7th, 2014 , Posted in newborns | Comments Off

At 8 weeks old … sometimes its really hard to get them to sleep. I always say that will never be done or leave unless I can get them to sleep at least for a few shots!

Never easy but always rewarding. I know mom and dad wanted to get these shots and I was not going to give up!

So here is to baby whispering!

A sister for Quinn… {orange county newborn photographer}

February 27th, 2014 , Posted in newborns | Comments Off

I could not get enough of how Quinn was loving on here new baby.

As always I am hoping for the big sibling to want to touch, hold and love on their new baby.

Not always is the case… I thought for sure knowing Quinn she was not going to have it….as you know SHE is the only princess in the house!

Well she proved us all wrong. I think she going to share the title with Kinley. WHEW!

How fun… I always wish I had grown up with a sister. I know that Quinn and Kinley’s mom has an awesome one :)








another great year….{orange county photographer}

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tryfon boys {orange county photographer}

November 14th, 2013 , Posted in newborns | Comments Off

Oh this little one just kills me with those eyes. I asked mom and dad how in the world to you get mad at him when he looks at you with those eyes.

A new baby brother for Ben! Exciting time for this household with 2 boys right?

I had to put all the shots I loved of the 2 boys together. For one… the sweet light just makes them so angelic ( yeah angelic now – hahahah)

But I loved the sweetness Ben shows the baby.

I love this family not because they are Maggie’s brother and sister in law but I really just like them a whole lot.

So enjoy… I loved your shoot. Cant wait for baby # 3 soon? :)


lil’ UCLA fan {orange county photographer}

November 6th, 2013 , Posted in newborns | Comments Off


Here he is!!!! The long awaited baby boy to this already busy family with 2 little girls under age 5!

Daddy is UCLA baseball coach so, I know for sure how excited he was to have a little boy!

Now this sweet family is complete. Big sisters are SO sweet with him. I did warn them that he will wear a few princess dresses, to not be alarmed.

With 2 sisters these things are bound to happen. Daddy will toughen him up with lots of baseball games and hanging with the guys…

I cant tell you how happy I am for you all.












meet Hudson {los angeles photographer}

October 31st, 2013 , Posted in newborns | Comments Off


Just as sweet sleeping as he is awake. I think every mom and dad think their newborn is fussy. Not this one. Maybe to mom and dad but really was just like all the lil ones I get to meet. They just want what they want, milk dry diaper and sleep.

What a life right? Enjoy all these lil moments, before you know it you will be running around making sure he did not put something in his mouth he is not supposed to :)

I enjoyed getting to know mom and dad.  If you did not already know 90% of all my newborns are done in their homes. I feel that everyone is more relaxed, and I can work anywhere really. I bring it all to them and set up my lil area to work.

So here is to the lil moments, a sweet new baby and new lives being a mommy and a daddy!










a new baby sister { orange county newborn photographer}

July 15th, 2013 , Posted in newborns | Comments Off

What a beautiful family even down to their dog. ( not that I am partial to chocolate labs or anything) Their home is amazing not to mention location.

With 2 girls under age 2 they are really busy now!  What a great thing to have a sister. I always wanted a sister. I think every girl should have one.

I was so happy to see baby #2 and to get the 2 girls together which is always a challenge when they are still little themselfs.

I am looking forward to a beautiful field shoot with the 2 girls walking!!!



ham it up {orange county family photographer}

May 31st, 2013 , Posted in family, newborns, Uncategorized | Comments Off

When I booked this shoot it was for a newborn baby girl and her family… and that is just what it was… however Mr. personality was just as much a star of the show this day as baby sister. Talk about personality! While mom was feeding baby we must have chatted about everyhting.

And SMART… that he is :) What a great shoot it was and yes of course we got lots of new baby sister… She is going to be crazy in love with her big brother this I can totally see!  Now one of each one boy one girl. How great that is.

a new little one on the block {orange county photographer}

March 22nd, 2013 , Posted in newborns | Comments Off

We really have waited awhile to see if the new couple across the street from us was going to have a baby. With all of our busy lives we don’t get enough time to talk to each other but just to wave hello here and there.

I had a feeling awhile back and finally saw her belly and was SO excited!!!! I know how important their 1st baby ( the dog Mila) was to them and adding a new little one to the mix was going to be exciting. I am not one to talk about what I do for a living but I felt that since she was our neighbor it might just be super convenient. So bringing over dinner I reminded them that I could come over to do just that for them. Well turns out to be pretty cool to walk over, and then between feedings, and trying to get lil Brandon to sleep I could do some laundry.

I am so happy for them… what a great addition to the block! Congrats to you Roth family!

few weeks new – orange county photographer

November 20th, 2012 , Posted in newborns | Comments Off

I just love tiny new ones. I am so happy to fit them in anytime even if I am booked solid as I am right now…

I just cant get enough of the sweet love I see with a new mommy and a new daddy with their greatest treasure.

Thank you for thinking of me and allowing me to give you these sweet memories of just how tiny they are at the first few weeks of life.