anticipating Emma {orange county photographer}

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If there ever was a little one more anticipated, its this little one on her way.

Soon to arrive little Emma to be welcomed into this world in February.

I cant wait to get to photograph her arrival as well as just a week or so after. I got very spoiled at this location…

Glammy (is what I will call the grandma because she is so fabulous!)

happens to know the owners of this sought after venue. It happens to have a live white tiger onsite…

Yes I did think hmmmm can you imagine mommy holding that tiger for just one shot! Oh one can dream.

Anyhow… what a great day we had. I shot wayyyyy to much but, with the location and the beautiful mommy and daddy to be I could not help myself.

So here is to “have we met before” and to a beautiful delivery of lil miss Emma!



baby sissy on her way {orange county photographer}

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OHHH this light was just AMAZING!!!

I was So So happy to get to do this special time for my friend Megan.

She not only is one of the most beautiful persons I know both on the outside and the inside.

This sweet baby is about to be so loved by this family. They have waited so long for baby #2.

Big sissy just is so cute and funny! She obviously loves the camera {mom is also a photographer}

I just cant wait to meet you little one!


“Do you give the disk” {orange county family photographer}

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I have SO many book templates. Some I bought, some I make…

I truly wish I had more time to have an online store to sell some like the other photogs do.

I have my favorite shops to buy digital templates.

This book is going to be too sweet!

I originally bought it for a family with toddlers or older kids but this totally works :)

I will have to get one for a studio sample to touch and feel. I have SO much here at the studio to look at. We highly recommend coming

into the studio to place your order so you can do just that.  This brings me to another subject….

Now what do you think this client would enjoy better this amazing album

OR a round silver thing that sits in her drawer at home? YES that disk that WE all want….

For what? to share on FB send to grandma?

Did you know that I give you that? I give every client that wants one {the archival disk} But you know…. most don’t ever ask.

You know why? Because when they come into my studio and see all I have to offer they could NEVER get at costco

or anywhere online, let alone size it right to get it to look amazing. So you can have your disk… Yep you can.

But I can guarantee that you will want it all when you come in for a visit!!!

Meet Captain America {orange county family photographer}

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and he has a lil something to say….

Well here is a family I can say that I have been photographing before they were married.

I first met Erin when her mom hired me to photograph her and her brother (who was a few post back under meet Emma with his new family)

Then there came that AWESOME wedding, that still makes me cry when I show the dvd of that first meeting… the 2 of you before you walked down the isle.

Then came cpt america aka Korben. Now we are on the #2 baby boy,and I JUST cant wait!

What a night… I still get the jitters when I think of the snake. EWWWWW!!!!

Thank God daddy was calm I don’t think I would have been if he was not there.

I love you all and I am SO thankful to you and all your years of loyalty!


anticipation {orange county prenatal photographer}

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Just a quick peek :)

It was a beautiful night even with the fact that we are in snake weather. We did not see one thank God BUT did see a tarantula!

So worth it though! So here are the first babies gearing up for the big arrival of their lil boy….

I am sure that Harley will not let you hold the baby seems she is a bit jealous if you give anyone else attention!

I am so proud of big brother and sister… they were very good and did as they were told.

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this moment of your lives together!

So looking forward to meeting the lil man!!!

maggie {huntington beach family photographer}

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I cant wait to meet her.

I have anticipated this for some time now… watching her grow every week.

I told Maggie that I will live thru her since I am totally done with having babies.

OHHHH I just cant wait to photograph her… I have so many ideas. Going to eat this up :)

Maggie you are the best thing that has happened to melinda kim photography.

I honestly cant do it with out you… Thank you… xoxoxo



sunshine {huntington beach family photographer}

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They are having a boy! so exciting… big sister wants to call him Justin Beber.

What a treat to get to see them all again on such a beautiful night.

How can you NOT want to get belly shots of this great time in your life especially if you look like this??

I am so happy for you all. I hope to meet this lil bundle of boy!