art district {orange county photographer}

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I love this place as it changes all the time.

What a great spot for teenagers for sure! Or just a cool family who loves this sort of cool-ness :)

I am so glad that mom said yes to bringing sister along for big brothers senior shoot.

I love to see brothers and sisters together, especially at this age.

I had a great time getting to know you all!!! ENJOY!!!


never too old {orange county photographer}

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I say if they are your kids then they are forever your babies! They are never to old to have a photo session done of just them right? These 2 are graduating college.

Both of them!

I am sure mom and dad are beyond proud!

So… here is to your kids newborn to however old they are… lets never stop celebrating who they are!




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Meet Katelyn…. she came to me one day out of the blue saying she loved my work and wanted to come work for me.

This is how our friendship began. I have to say I suppose we both bless each other as I know God gives us what we need when we need it.

A few things I know to be true is that God gave me Katelyn  to help me when I need her… but also to prepare me for when Emily is a teenager.

I love being around her. We laugh a lot and are pretty good at foreign accents I might add.

She helps not to keep me ” from being old” and refreshes my hipster {I think I still have somewhere inside still}. (haha)

She is great… she is not one of those who tries too hard to be cool… because she really is herself, unique, beautiful, funny, creative, smart and honest.

I loved each of the images I shot of her this day…. but blogged just a few.

So here is to you Katelyn …. May your path bring you all the joys in life, May you follow what God intends for you.

 I will always be here for you.




beautiful girls {orange county photographer}

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I was so happy to finally get to photograph this family in whole… including the dog even!

These girls are so easy to photograph. So beautiful and oh…. those perfect smiles.

I know that mom has been wanting to do a shoot with me for awhile now and I am so pleased with it

as well as how amazing it looks in the park we used.

Now with all this rain we had the last few days it should perk up and get a bit greener as well as a few more flowers to pop up!

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed seeing you all together and how happy you all are as a family.


meet kimmy {orange county photographer}

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I can tell you that it was SUCH a pleasure to get to photograph this sweet girl, who is soon going off to college, away from home. What a gift for mom to have this memory of her in her last times as a child.

I know for sure in my own case just the thought of my lil one going into 7th grade in 2.5 mo is mind boggling. I really dont know where the time goes?

One of my clients said that nowadays we are SO connected that many of us don’t shut down or turn off anymore. Meaning that we are constantly on our smart phones and emails texts for work. I know that I am to blame for this.

Long ago when it was the weekend we were off no contact with our work and vacations… vacations were a vacation. We did not have contact but only with those we are with. Ahhhhh beautiful were those days.

So that is my theory of where the time goes. I pray that my lil Emily will also go away to college like Kimmy… experience life away form home is good for all kids.

Thank you for choosing me to gather these times for you both. I truly loved this shoot and was SO blown away at her beauty inside and out.

“Do you give the disk” {orange county family photographer}

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I have SO many book templates. Some I bought, some I make…

I truly wish I had more time to have an online store to sell some like the other photogs do.

I have my favorite shops to buy digital templates.

This book is going to be too sweet!

I originally bought it for a family with toddlers or older kids but this totally works :)

I will have to get one for a studio sample to touch and feel. I have SO much here at the studio to look at. We highly recommend coming

into the studio to place your order so you can do just that.  This brings me to another subject….

Now what do you think this client would enjoy better this amazing album

OR a round silver thing that sits in her drawer at home? YES that disk that WE all want….

For what? to share on FB send to grandma?

Did you know that I give you that? I give every client that wants one {the archival disk} But you know…. most don’t ever ask.

You know why? Because when they come into my studio and see all I have to offer they could NEVER get at costco

or anywhere online, let alone size it right to get it to look amazing. So you can have your disk… Yep you can.

But I can guarantee that you will want it all when you come in for a visit!!!

Moving on to college {orange county high school senior photographer}

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I love when high schooler’s want more than what the school offers you for your senior photos.

Here in  Ca I dont see TOO much of it as it is not real popular as much as the mid west and east coast.

I LOVE to photograph the older kids. Should I say kids… Being that they are almost adults.

Especially booking for the boy shoots which seems to be more the girls… But why is that?

I know that I will certainly want to capture that time of my son or daughter’s life… going off to college.

  Good choice mom! I loved this shoot and was so happy to get to document this special time for you all!