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meet miss Lucy {orange county photographer}

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Meet sweet lil Lucy Luna.

All lil 7 lbs of her.

She was  such a sleepy one. I love them when they give me a lil whimper when I move them ever so slightly… like ” don’t bother me”

What a trooper she was… such a good baby. We really had a great time, auntie, myself and mommy the other morning photographing this lil peanut.

Oh to have this time back again!!!






2 stars of the show {los angeles newborn photographer}

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With 2 girls in the house you have to have 2 stars of the show. I really had a great time this shoot and getting to know big sister!

What a sweet little one she was. Oh their lighting in their home was {amazing}..

Love getting these newborn sessions in between the big kids.

It was so great meeting all of you and I hope to see you when we can run around the beach!


lots of babies… I’m so happy! {orange county newborn photographer}

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I was so happy to see this family have one more little one! A boy too! One of each …. how blessed!

How great was the baby’s room! WOW!! and to top it off daddy did all the decorating…

can mommy be so lucky?

So here is to being a big sister… and having one of each!


servants { orange county family photographer}

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I love this family.

I look forward to when they come to the USA to visit, as I get to photograph them.

I have said this many time before that I know that God has gifted me with this great career

and if it was not for Him I would certainly not be where I am today.

I have had way to many things happen in this biz that CLEARLY was all from the Lord.

They are missionaries in a small town outside London, and have been for all the years I have known them.

They are originally from here and are connected to Calvary  Costa Mesa.

I know that they look forward to coming here on “holiday” to eat the “gorgeous” food here, and enjoy the “lovely” weather.

Some day I would love to visit them… but for now I am just blessed to get to serve them a bit while they are here!


all american girl {orange county photographer}

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This beautiful girl does it all and is going off to PITT this year for college!

I asked her just how do you do it? Varsity cheer, soccer AND  softball ( and a scholarship for softball!)

Gone are those days when you used to be able to do that. Remember all americans in high school? Those kids who played all the sports?

I was so happy to have met her and so proud of her and her accomplishments!

Not only is she amazing at sports but truly a beauty!  Her personality matches her looks too!

So here is to you !!! May all your dreams come true and may college life bring you all you hoped for!



Someone Write Me An Essay

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sure grip and lululemmon {orange county photographer}

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I love to roller skate. Ever since I was around 5  years old. I truly think its about time it makes a HUGE  come back, for many reasons. One is that it is great for your butt and outer thighs, its great cardio, and lets not forget FUN!!! I went last week with my 12 year old down bay shore 8 miles round trip. We stopped and had lunch then skated back. What a great time we had together as well as a great workout with out it being “work out bore”.

So…. a while ago sure grip hired me to do a shoot for roller derby which they supply skates wheel etc to that community. This time they wanted a new feel.

I totally agreed that roller skating needs to come back in as fitness. So I called my good friend who works a lululemon telling her we needed some

fit girls who are fun, who would fit what they are looking for.

We had a GREAT time. I loved being around them so much. They were hilarious and made me laugh the whole time. I can see how much fun they must have working together. Makes me want to work with them if I had some free time, I certainly would!

So…. if you want a pair of these amazing skates you can find them online or visit long beach roller sport on atlantic and bixby knolls. I am sure you all know where to get yourself some lululemon. You rarely find me NOT wearing it.

So here is to a new fun workout that you cant get sick of. Go for it!!!




quiet beach day {orange county family photographer}

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What a pleasure it was to finally photograph this family! With all our busy schedules its hard to nail a time…. however I believe that once a year is so important to document your family. This is something no one ever regrets. EVER.

I loved the soft light in these shots. It was a great night down there no one around, makes it even better. Thank you for allowing me to give you great memories.




ham it up {orange county family photographer}

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When I booked this shoot it was for a newborn baby girl and her family… and that is just what it was… however Mr. personality was just as much a star of the show this day as baby sister. Talk about personality! While mom was feeding baby we must have chatted about everyhting.

And SMART… that he is :) What a great shoot it was and yes of course we got lots of new baby sister… She is going to be crazy in love with her big brother this I can totally see!  Now one of each one boy one girl. How great that is.